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Those who have put it into practice:

“I am seeing ways to improve my future and make my dreams come true. Not just wishing but actual ideas and real opportunities.” WL

“Things are clicking into place, I just had a huge, whopping AHA moment – you are a miracle worker I hope you know that.” AD

You are so able to see and encourage and assist people in moving through and beyond their fears. Into confidence and hope.  Thank you.   SC

What Authors & Entrepreneurs have to say:

“As a professional educator for over 25 years, I highly recommend this read by Dorothy Miller. It is a light, easy to read, and an inspirational book that anyone regardless of age and gender can identify with on a personal level. Dorothy does a great job teaching the reader through personal stories and treasured memories of her life as a wife and mother and grandmother up to this point. You will feel good after reading this well formatted book which is organized into small chapters that are perfect for today’s busy man or woman. It will change your thinking and your life.”

Linda Austin Author, Prosperous Parenting – A guide to raising healthy, wealthy, happy children Professional Educator, Personal Development Coach, & Mother

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“It comes as no surprise to me that you have devoted your time and energy into the creation of an inspirational book. I have witnessed first-hand your dedication to the personal growth of students, women and other individuals looking for motivation and direction. You are a true professional and an excellent role model and mentor for anyone looking for positive change in their life.”

Fran Banting International Best Selling Author,  “Your Life as a Movie, Scripting and  Producing Your Dreams Into Reality”

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“I heartily recommend Dorothy to everyone wanting to achieve magnificent results in their life by studying with her What’s Next…”

Butch Daniel CEO CBA Coaching LLC International Consultant of Business & Applied Mind Science Co-creator of Strands of Life Environmental Movement for America’s National Park Service